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PhotoEntry Guidelines


If you are having difficulty with PhotoEntry please contact our Digital Secretary

Roy Cano



PhotoEntry Guidelines

All SSCC members are given access to a site called PhotoEntry so you can easily upload and manage any photos you wish to enter in our club PDI competitions.

All images submitted into club competitions (print and PDI) must be entered into the PhotoEntry system. The following is a step-by-step guide for using PhotoEntry.

Thanks to Tim Downs for putting this guide together!

Getting Started

After registration, new members are sent an email titled “Seven Sisters Camera Club PhotoEntry System”. When you receive the email, it will contain three important pieces of information:

·     A URL ( to click which will take you to the PhotoEntry system.

·     Your user ID. This defaults to the email address when member added to system. You can change your user ID as long as it does not match an existing user ID.

·     Your temporary password to gain access

When you click the link and login with the supplied credentials, you will immediately be required to enter a new password. You will need to use your new password each time you access the system…don’t forget it! You can change your password at any time by clicking your name shown in the top right-hand corner of the browser screen.

How to submit images

Once logged in, the only actions required are for you to submit images for whichever SSCC Competition you wish to enter. The process is as follows:

First, click on the relevant link for this season (e.g., SSCC Competitions 2023–2024), and this will then display the competitions coming up (normally starting with the 1st round of the PDI Competition).

The big blue button (Show Your Entries in this Group) will allow you to see all your entries from current competitions, as well as your scores (once the competition has been judged).

If the status of a competition is open, you can click on the competition name to submit or view your entries. Note the closing date is the Thursday before the competition, which is the last date on which entries may be submitted. You have until 17:00 on the closing date to upload your images. It is recommended that you upload your images a few days before the closing date in case you encounter any issues.

You can also see the requirements of the competition, including file specifications. The screen also shows which class (club, intermediate or advanced) you are in. If this is wrong, please email so we can correct this for you.

Guidance on image specifications for all competitions is provided on the SSCC website (see the competitions page).

In PhotoEntry, if you click on Add New Entry (assuming you haven’t already reached the maximum number of entries allowed) you will first be required to supply a title for your entry. This will be the title that will be displayed in a PDI Competition; for prints it should exactly match the title you write on your print. You cannot leave it blank. Unfortunately, PhotoEntry will not allow you to use an underscore, and will be replaced with just a space.

There is also a separate optional field for you to record any information about your entry – this remains private to you.

Then click Add This Entry to proceed to the next screen to upload your image.

On the next screen click Choose JPEG to browse your local computer for the image file, which should already have been formatted to the required spec and saved with a .jpg extension.

Having chosen a file (the filename itself is completely irrelevant), you can then click the Upload Image button to complete the process. You should then see a screen showing the analysis of your image.

If your file exactly meets the specification, then you will see the word OK (in green). You’re done!

Warning Messages

Pay attention to any text that appears in orange. Your image has been accepted but this is a warning that your file did not exactly meet requirements. Common warning messages are explained below; you can always resubmit the file after making any changes.

The symbols at the right side of the box allow you to edit the title, replace the file with another, or just delete the entry.

Warning Messages (in orange):

·     Image too small – speaks for itself, the actual image dimensions are shown. You should replace the image with a larger version to meet the spec.

SSCC now have a new projector for this season and the resolution has gone from 1400 x 1050 pixels to 1600 x 1200 pixels, the maximum size for a portrait in height is 1200 pixels.

This new resolution means we don’t have to get members to resize images for external competitions.

·     Missing colour profile, should be sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

·     Incorrect colour profile Adobe RGB (1998) – this is also quite common and can mean that some colours will not display as you expect. You will need to convert your image to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 colour space if you know how, to ensure accuracy. If you need help with this, please ask me, and I will help you to submit your entries.

·     Image resized from low resolution upload – this means your image was slightly smaller than required, but it may well have lost quality in the process.

Warning Messages (in red):

·     It is possible that an image you submit cannot be accepted as it does not meet the necessary requirements. You will see an indication of this with a message in red. You will be told what is wrong and you must edit (or change) and re-submit your image accordingly.

After your images are submitted

Once you have successfully supplied all your images there is nothing more to do You can always replace or delete your submissions at any time before the competition closing date. Whenever you revisit the site, you can review your entries for any competition that is still open or see the results from past competitions.


If you have any problem using the system, please email kcpa‑ with details of the problem. We have tested the process on a variety of platforms including Windows PCs, Macs, and iPad – it requires only a working internet connection and a browser.