Seven Sisters Camera Club

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Welcome to the Learning Zone

One of the aims of this Club is to further members’ knowledge of Photography, its techniques and methods of post production. This is tricky as all members are at different levels of knowledge, have different cameras, and have different needs and expectations.

This makes it almost impossible to provide broad based tuition on a club night in a “face-to-face” environment. We would encourage members to research their interests using platforms such as YouTube to seek tuition. 

Hopefully, members will find this resource useful and it will lead them on to enhancing their skills as a photographer.

Should you identify other areas that need to be covered and have found suitable videos, then please do let us know. There is a vast array of information out there, we just need to look for it and take the time to study it and enhance our skills.

Don’t forget our buddy or mentor system where you can ask for one to one help on an informal basis. Contact the Membership Secretary or any member of the Committee